A change...

A bit of an update around here. I’ve taken some time off over the past few months, only taking on a handful of weddings this past season. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want The Wild Stem to be, to balance my love of flowers, but not taking on so much that I end up burnt out ( like last year…). Its a tough balance for a florist. So, I have scaled back, which gives me much more room to be passionate about what I do, whilst also having time to pursue other things I love. I’m making this online space more of a blog, where I can document my journey with flowers and gardening. I’ll be also documenting the weddings that I have the privilege of flowering, so you can keep up to date with the work that I’m doing (I will be doing a big update very soon).

I am still taking on limited wedding bookings, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for enquiries.