Flowering Eremophilia Nivea "Emu Bush"


I couldn’t resist photographing our Eremophilia Nivea “Emu Bush” as it was flowering a couple of weeks ago. This plant is native to Western Australia and it thrives in our dry conditions. According to Australian Native Plant Society Eremophila is from the Greek words eremos and phileo, meaning desert and love respectively, or “desert loving” referring to the habitat of many of the species. Nivea is from the Latin word niveus, meaning snow white, obviously referring to the beautiful velvety silver foliage.

Delicate purple flowers appear from late winter to early summer. Ours could do with a bit more of a prune; it is in a windy spot and the branches are growing a bit wild, so pruning will help it to bush up and get a bit denser. I think because they grow quite fast the roots can be quite shallow and so they can be affected by strong winds or heavy rain, so keeping it well pruned with a dense habit will assist it to survive the conditions. The contrast against the Grevillea Olivacea behind is delicious.


We went on a local tour of Hilton gardens the other weekend and by accident we ended up walking past our garden so the group insisted we stop and have a look at it. One of members made the comment of our colour palette… soft blues and silvery tones are prominent, both the front and back. I hadn’t actually realised this before but now it is pretty obvious. Its funny how a fresh set of eyes can make you see things you hadn’t noticed before. I love the softness and contrast of this colour palette against the greenery. You can’t go wrong in my opinion. Maybe I’ll do a post soon of silver native plants for the garden.