Our Spring Natives workshop is this Sunday!

Spring is the best time for native flowers. There is so much gorgeous variety, colours, shapes and textures. We're heading into November now so we only have a few weeks left to relish in the joy of such beauty! 

This Sunday I'm hosting our workshop Arranging with Spring Natives.  This is the first of our "Seasonal Series" where we examine the best native flowers of the season. From our studio at Stackwood, I'll be guide you through the basics of constructing a vase arrangement, offering insight into seasonality and Australian natives, tips on flower preparation and flower care and how to continue your flower journey at home. 

We only have a couple of spots left so if you think that spending a Sunday morning getting creative, learning and being surrounded by beautiful flowers is your thing, it is absolutely the time to book in! 

Here are some photos I've taken in the past couple of weeks in the studio and give a taster of what we'll be working with. This week I've seen some exciting banksia varieties, lush waxflower, bottlebrush and regelia. We'll also be working with Protea varieties (grown down south) as well, that complement Australian natives so beautifully. I can't wait! 

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See you in the studio! Ashleigh xx 

Final three photos by Kirsty Russell